Asbestos Testing Services

Are you remodeling, renovating or demolishing any areas of your home?

If so, you and your contractor should be aware that your project should be inspected for asbestos by a Colorado certified asbestos building inspector, to avoid stiff fines/penalties and costly project delays.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos can be found in these and common building materials: Ceiling tiles, vinyl floor coverings and mastic, boiler and pipe insulation, heating duct insulation, roofing products, clapboard shingles, and many other products.

A certified asbestos inspector can determine which materials contain asbestos prior to them being disturbed. Buildings of any age may contain asbestos. Even those newly built may have asbestos-containing materials.

It is important to know that when a permit is pulled on a home remodeling project, even if you are just changing out windows, asbestos testing is required prior to any work being performed. These regulations are present to help protect  the health of both the homeowners/occupants and the contractor and their workers.

If your contractor offers to save you money by not pulling a permit, be very cautious as this could result in some health risks if asbestos materials are disturbed. The Colorado Department of Health and Environment has a wonderful website which answers many questions regarding asbestos regulations in Colorado. Their website.

Twenty9Eleven offers asbestos testing services. We are certified by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and carry all necessary insurance. Contact us today to ensure your home will be safe from asbestos during your project.

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